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The Bair Foundation Eligible For The Kind Snacks Grant

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Artworks Cincy Helps Children Through Hero Design Company

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#GivingTuesday or #GivingShoesDay

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Have you prepared your home for winter yet?

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Great ‪#‎VeteransDay‬ Celebration at Mason Intermediate!

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Great Veterans Day project, MHS Students!

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Mummies of the World @cincymuseum next month!

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Sweetest Day

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Where Is The Mysterious Woman In Black?

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A Warm Rainy July Day

Noon Forecast July 23rd 2014

John Stamos at the Columbus Fair?!?

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Noon Chat With Lisa

Noon Forecast July 22nd 2014

Encore Performance To End The Show

Hot Weather Iced Coffee

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Feelin Hot Hot Hot Outside Today!

Who Turned The Heat On?

Some Like It Hot

Morning Forecast July 22nd 2014

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Thorough Research

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Fall Weather In July?!

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Evening Forecast July 12th 2014

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Noon Shopping Tips With Lisa

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Can't Help But Sing About The Weather Sometimes

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


 This Friday Mission Oaks Gardens will be hosting an educational garden preview for 'National Public Gardens Day'.
Master gardeners will be on site from 4PM -8PM educating the public on gardening and answering questions about ways to begin planting in your own yard. The event is free and open to the public.
"We belong to the national public parks system and even though Mission Oaks is part of the park district it's also an independent garden that runs here with volunteer help and workers," said Darlene Turner, Mission Oaks Volunteer and Master Gardner.
he event will take place on Hunter Street at the main entrance. Not only will visitors be able to walk the seven acres of gardens, they will be able to visit one of the top conifer gardens in the country, located right here in Zanesville. There will also be plant give-aways with 8 of Ohio's native shrubs.
" We have approximately 200 plants to give away," said Turner, "the trick is that you have to come in and visit the gardens, and we'll have a card that you take to each stop, and then they'll mark the card off after you've visited that five minute stop to get your educational piece when you come to visit on Friday."
Gardeners will be at the park all day rain or shine for those who are unable to make the event in the evening. The park is always in need of volunteers. There will be opportunities to sign up at the park this Friday. You can also visit their website for more information at
Mission Oaks is located at 1865 Norwood Blvd in Zanesville, OH. You can reach them at 740-450-8050 EXT 1


 Mother's Day is just four days away and Florafino's on Maple is busy taking and delivering orders.
There are several specials this season including the tea cup arrangements full of miniature roses and daisies. Florafinos can help you pick out the best customized gift for mom. They have several wind chimes, plants, small greenhouses as well as iconic floral arrangements.
Mother's Day is an important day obviously. You've got to send mom something otherwise don't come home for dinner type of thing," said Greg Orofino, Owner of Florafino's. "Of course we do a lot of hanging baskets. We do all sorts of geraniums, magoinias, things like that. But we also do a lot of our own specials. So we have actually a tote, the tote is a canvas bag that can be used later on. Its full of daisies and alstroemeria and roses so it's really a cool one."
Stargazer lilies are one of the most popular flowers this season as well as the orchid plants. Make sure you place your orders for mom as soon as possible. Florafinos is open from 8AM to 5PM Monday through Saturday. They will be closed on Mother's Day this Sunday.
"That's the one thing that we tell everybody is Mother's Day is a very harried holiday for us. We want to get everybody delivered before Mother's Day hits, and we want to make sure that they get either the corsage or the the flowers that they want for their moms. And so I ask them to call as early as possible or send us the order as early as possible," said Orofino.
If you would like to customize an arrangement or purchase a pre-arranged vase, bouquet or corsage, there are several options available. You can give Florafino's a call or place an order online at their website


Many families will be taking mom out to eat for mother's day, but why not take her to eat for a good cause.
The Washington Township Fire Department has held a Mother's Day Chicken BBQ for over 45 years. It is their biggest fundraiser of the year.
"We do a half a chicken and all the condiments that go with it, and we have dine in or carry out. We'll do 1,200 plus dinners, we start serving at 11am. The line starts around 10:30am. Most generally if you're not here by 1:30 or 2 o'clock, we're sold out," said Gene Hanning, Washington Township Fire Chief.
Meals run for $9 a person. It includes the meal itself as well as drinks and desert. Chief Hanning of the department says come hungry and come early!
"It's a good meal, every body likes chicken. That way we can accommodate them as best as possible to take care of our community and our citizens that support us," said Hanning.
The Washington Township Fire Department has plans to use the funds raised from the Mothers Day Chicken BBQ for updates in communications as well as computers and mapping systems. The event starts at 11 am Sunday and goes until all the food is gone. For more information on the event you can call 740-452-2221.


The Permanent Improvement Levy for the Franklin Local School District was voted down last night during the Primary.
The levy was placed on the ballot with the hopes that $327,581 dollars would be generated to provide repairs which would last five years or more.
"We sent home a letter to all of the parents that stated how our current permanent improvement levy of 2 mills has been reduced by the county auditors office to .644 mills," said Sharon McDermott, Superintendent for Franklin Local Schools. "So for the residential home owner the collection has been reduced over the years since 1980 when it first passed."
In order to keep children safe, plans were already in the works to repair a section of the Duncan Falls Elementary School roof as well as purchasing two buses.
"We're going to have to renew in the fall our current levy...because we really need that to help with our expenses. So it may not purchase two or three buses a year, it might purchase just one bus a year. So we're going to ask for a renewal of that, said McDermott.
To learn more about the levy you can visit the website


 The failure of the five dollar motor license tax during yesterday's primary was a disappointing result for the Muskingum County Engineers Office.
County Engineer Doug Davis says the additional revenue for road repair, maintenance and improvement would have aided significantly in the engineers office efforts to maintain road and bridge infrastructure.
"We had such a rough winter, last winter we spent a little over $400,000 on ice and snow, which is more than twice as much than what our normal budget is. So all that money comes out of one pot, and there isn't money left over to repair roads and bridges," said Muskingum County Engineer Doug Davis. "Half our bridges are over 50 years old."
In response to comments made by some of the public yesterday, Engineer Davis had this to say:
"We're doing what we think is in the best interest of the public. We had to do that yesterday. Was that a political ploy to close a bridge on Coopermill Rd. yesterday? No it was not. Why did I wait until 1:30PM to close the bridge? That's when we did our inspection. We've been monitoring that bridge since December. That bridge was slated to be replaced this summer. Due to the Governors initiative they're going to replace the bridge for us and it was moved back so that they could jump through some hoops so we could quickly replace that bridge according to ODOT standards."

The Engineers Office cannot guarantee that bridges in the county will not close, however, they have a plan to rehabilitate structures and band-aid the problems until the resources to make permanent improvements are made available.
" Our buying power is a lot less than what it used to be. Ten years ago when I took office asphalt was $28 dollars a ton. Now it's over $80. Concrete prices are over $110 to $115 dollars a cubic yard. They've doubled. The price of steel and everything that we use to build bridges and roadways has doubled and tripled in price. Just like it has at home with a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk," said Davis.
Davis plans on bringing the issue back to the County Commissioners for consideration and making the public more aware of the dire need to take care of our local roads and bridges.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


The polls were busy this afternoon for the last hours of the May Primary.
Over at Seventh Day Adventist church on Taylor Street, voters in Zanesville exercised their constitutional right to vote in hopes to not only better themselves, but also the community.
"I thought that the one ballot which is for the judge is very important to us. And that is one of the big reasons why I came to vote today," said voter Charles Schilling.
"Real special to me," commented poll worker Robert Palmer, "is the Zanesville school levy because I am a retired school teacher so I'm real interested to see we continue the education of our children in Zanesville"
There were three issues on the Muskingum county ballot, one in particular, the annual motor vehicle license tax. Voters expressed their opinion on the proposed tax.

"I know it's for the good of the roads and the bridges," said poll worker Jeff Bugglin, "but I think they need to find the money somewhere else"
"My understanding of the issue is that first they wanted the Commissioners to do it, and the Commissioners said lets let the voters decide," said Palmer. "I think that was a wise move and it's up to the people of Muskingum county to decide whether we want to pay five dollars extra on our license fee for bridge work or whatever the work be."
The polls close this evening at 7:30 PM. WHIZ news will have coverage on radio, t-v and on our website. You can also find results on facebook and twitter.

Monday, May 5, 2014


Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz has identified the victim of a homicide which happened around 10:50PM last night at 6677 McCaslin road in Nashport.
Twenty five year old Brandy Daniels was discovered by her sister, Tess Payton, in her vehicle at the end of their driveway. Payton said her sister was on the way home from work and on the phone with her boyfriend when she turned onto the driveway and the call was dropped.
Having recieved a call from the boyfriend believing 'something was wrong' and concerned about how late her sister was coming home, Payton started down the driveway. Upon discovering her sister's vehicle, and afraid to investigate, she called 911. The call initially went out for an unresponsive female. It was not until deputies arrived on scene that Daniels was confirmed deceased.
Here is part of the 911 call released today from the incident.
911 Call: 
Sister :"Um, my sister is in my driveway and her head's bloody and she's not moving."
Dispatch: "okay. Is she in a vehicle?"
Sister:"Yes Ma'am. Yes. "
" I see blood and she's kind of to the side."
"My mom should be coming home from work and I don't know what to do, I don't want my mom... I don't know."
Daniels was living with family members on McCaslin road. She was married, but separated with a daughter. At the time of the incident, Daniels' sister, brother, and daughter were home. The Muskingum county sheriff's office confirmed that Daniels was shot to death. Shell casings were present on the crime scene.
"We probably if you were to average up how many homicides we have in this county you're probably talking maybe one a year, maybe two a year over the last 10 to 15 years," said Sheriff Lutz. "It is very uncommon for this to happen. I think usually there's some connection there of why it happened and that's what we're looking for right now...We have an experienced crew that's working on it right now. Obviously your hands are tied to a certain extent when you have the case in front of you and you have what you have to work with, so we're trying everything we can to find out who did this and why."
BCI&I assisted the Sheriff's Office in processing the scene. Evidence has been collected and submitted for testing. Currently there is a vehicle as well as persons of interest in the investigation.

Any one with information is urged to call detective Mike Ryan of the sheriffs office at 740-452-3637 ext. 6041.

This is the first homicide in Muskingum county this year.
WHIZ News will have more information from the Sheriff's department tomorrow morning.


The May Primary Election is Tuesday May 6th and the board of elections is busy preparing for voters.

The polls open at 6:30AM and close at 7:30PM. There are five different ballot styles to choose from; democrat, republican, green, libertarian, as well as issues only.
" Please make sure you have current address and name identification with you. And if you do not know which ballot you would like to receive, please preview the sample ballots which will be posted at your precinct," said Chris Hamill, Director of the Board of Elections.
Proof of name and address can be verified using a utility bill, phone bill, drivers license, bank statement, payroll check, or any government issued document. Hamill says early voting was significantly down this year. The Board of Elections is also expecting only a 20% turn out of 53,000 voters in Muskingum county.
"In a Primary it's a race within the party, that's what a Primary is all about. You do have to become affiliated with that party unless you want issues only. And then you will only get the issues on your ballot. There will be no candidates."
WHIZ News will have coverage on radio, t-v and on our website.You can also find results on facebook and twitter.
For information on how to vote visit

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Central Presbyterian Church Celebrates 100 Years

Central Presbyterian Church on North Sixth Street downtown held its Centennial Celebration today.

For 100 years, Central Presbyterian Church has been actively perusing its mission. The church ministers to all members of the community, with special missions focused on reaching the poor and oppressed. The Eastside Community Ministry is rooted at Central.

 "We provide probably the only soup kitchen and dinner on a Sunday night anywhere in Zanesville. We get crowds here as many as 200 people from time to time," said Ed Swanson, Member of the Session Board at Central Presbyterian Church. "We're always reaching out to the community and I think that's what's good about this church."

Swanson, has been a member of the church since 1975. He said the congregation has seen great changes throughout the years. Currently under Pastor Ray Morrison, the church held a weekly series of history lessons on the growth and development of the congregation, ending with today's Centennial Celebration.

"The hundred years is for this building only. This church goes back to 1806, believe it or not. That was before the War of 1812. You're talking in terms of a church that's been vital to the community," said Swanson. "It met years ago in a tavern on the Putnam side of the river. The Taylor Tavern. That's where it began. Seven people got together and formed in fact all of the Presbyterian churches. This was one of the first churches west of the Allegheny Mountains. This was called the North West Territory back then."

A celebration was also held today for church member Mary Alton who has been a part of the congregation for 81 years. She turned 100 years old today. For more information on the Central Presbyterian Church you can find them on facebook.

Cinco De Mayo Specials Around Town

With tomorrow being Cinco de Mayo, several venues around town are gearing up to provide great food and entertainment. Here's a look at a few hot spots around town.

Telaquepaque will be hosting a Mariachi band from 1-4PM. They are offering these specials ALL DAY: half off margaritas, a bucket of Coronitas 5 for $5.50, $5 chicken wings and nachos supreme, as well as $4 beef nachos.

It's Margarita Monday at Tumbleweed Tex Mex Grill. Margaritas start at $.99 until 9pm. Happy hour is from 2-7PM with draft beers half off. They're also running a special on ribs: full rack with one side $13.99, half rack with one side $9.99.

Over at El Maguey Mexican Restaurant, they're offering pitcher margaritas for $10.99, pitcher draft beer for $5.99, $1off Mexican bottle beer, and fajitas 2 for 15.99.

El Parian will be handing out free Parian t-shirts to every five to ten customers. They're offering specials on margaritas and mixed drinks all day and also accepting all 10% off coupons, which can be found in the Zanesville-Muskingum County ADvertiser.
Everyone remember to drink responsibly---OLE!


3090 Maple Ave, Zanesville · (740) 453-6465

Tumbleweed Tex Mex Grill
746 Monroe St, Zanesville · (740) 450-7760

El Maguey Mexican Restaurant
3523 Maple Ave, Zanesville · (740) 453-0971

El Parian
145 N Maysville Ave, Zanesville · (740) 450-1506

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Measles Outbreak in Knox and Coshocton Counties

The South East Ohio mumps outbreak has climbed to 288 cases, meanwhile another viral outbreak is just starting.

Twenty-one confirmed or probable cases of measles have appeared primarily in Knox county, with one confirmed and two possible cases in Coshocton county. The cases in Knox county stem from an un-vaccinated group who traveled to the Philippines and became infected by the virus.

"It's currently staying within the un-vaccinated population which is good," said Kristen Baker, South East Regional Epidemiologist. "As long as we are vaccinating ourselves, making sure that we're up to date, washing our hands, and try to stay as healthy as possible, then we should be okay."

The Measles Mumps and Rubella  (MMR) vaccine is most effective against the measles. However, measles is a more contagious and severe virus with the possibility of more complications developing as well as a higher risk of death in children. According to the health department, the mumps and measles have reappeared especially in cases where the victim was not immunized.

"We've seen increased media against vaccinations and there are people with philosophical beliefs that don't want to be immunized themselves, and don't want to get their children immunized," said Baker, "that ends up putting not only their children at risk for developing a disease, or complications and even death, but also the community that they're in."

Symptoms of the measles include runny nose, red eyes, and fever preceding a redish-brown rash that will spread. For more information on the measles, you can visit the website

Steven Buck For Muskingum County Probate Juvenile Court Judge

The May Primary Election is one week from today.

Steven Buck is one of four candidates running for Muskingum County Probate Juvenile court judge. He currently serves as a magistrate in probate juvenile court. Buck says he's aware of the issues of drugs and neglect as well as the challenges and reasonable solutions in the court.

"I am the candidate with most experience actually in both courts. I have over 20 years experience as a probate attorney, handling decedent's estates, guardian-ships, adoptions and other matters in the probate court, but I also have at this point a total of 28 years experience hearing cases for the juvenile court. And some ten years experience prior to that as an attorney handling cases in the juvenile court," said Buck.

Candidate Buck says he's enjoyed practicing in the Juvenile and Probate court.

"I got into the practice of the law because of the loss of my own father when I was fifteen," said Buck. "I've seen what problems that caused for our family, both through probate court and otherwise and recognizing what difference an attorney with the right mindset, magistrate or judge with the right understanding can make in positive good outcomes for families".

As a college camp counselor, an adult foster parent, a church leader, and scout leader, Candidate Buck says he has always had interest in the youth of his society.

For More Information visit
WHIZ News will feature to other two candidates in this race Thursday May 1st at 6PM

Susan Montgomery McDonald For Muskingum County Probate Juvenile Court Judge

The second candidate we are featuring tonight for Probate Juvenile Court Judge is Susan Montgomery McDonald. An area of law she says she is comfortable with.

McDonald serves as an attorney and has been with her firm for over twelve years. From the state house to the local court house, she has over twenty years of public service and legal experience.

"All the candidates are qualified, that's the easy part," said Montgomery McDonald. "The hard part is doing what is right, what is in the best interests of the children. It comes naturally to someone who has had a positive upbringing, and good family values, and a good moral basis to raise. All you have to do is do what is right. There's never a wrong time to do what is right. You have to find a fine balance of reading the law and interpreting the law, with your heart and knowing what is right, with the budget of the court".

Through the courts, McDonald believes that lives can be changed for years to come and generations to follow. Along with her family, she also operates McDonald's Green House and Corn Maze for children and families.

"We offer them wholesome, affordable, education, and an agricultural experience. Through that, I get to work with all the day cares, the elementary schools, the scout troops, the 4H clubs, and the church groups, that come to our venue, and learn and meet those people, and learn about what their needs are and see them interacting. We also have the children's services kinship families come out from Muskingum county and Guernsey county".

McDonald says there would be no greater honor than to serve as the probate and juvenile judge, giving back to the community and helping the future generations of the community to grow, advance, and prosper.

You can find Montgomery McDonald's web page at
 WHIZ News will feature the other two candidates in this race Thursday May 1st at 6PM

New Executive Director at Zanesville Museum of Art

The Zanesville Museum of Art introduced its New Executive Director Tuesday afternoon.
Originally from the Chicago Land area and a Lake Forest College graduate, Laine Snyder studied art history and pottery. She has also operated a home studio, Ingleside Pottery, for several years.

"I'm so excited to develop the programming here at the Zanesville Museum of Art," said Laine Snyder, Executive Director, Zanesville Museum of Art. "I think it's such an important asset within our community. So to give back by providing programs and exhibitions that really speak to people, that really develop and fit in with the art community here it's one of our long term goals".

Snyder has created exhibits as the curator for the Miami University Art Museum as well as the Dayton Art Institute. There are several plans in the works to re-do the museums website, bring in new pieces, and develop a cultural program that reflects the Zanesville community.

"As a ceramic artist I'm intrigued by the different glazes and forms and by the art form itself," said Snyder. "To come here and to work with that phenomenal collection. And I have to add, also to have this be the first year for the Zanesville Ceramic Prize, it's an extraordinary time to be here and to be a potter and Executive Director in Zanesville."

To learn more about the upcoming events at the Zanesville Museum of Art and new Executive Director Laine Snyder, you can visit

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Celine "Bulldawg" Wyatt Memorial Fast Pitch Softball Tournament

A fast pitch softball tournament will take place this May 16th through the 18th at Riverside park to commemorate the life of Celine Wyatt.

Celine was a passionate eleven year old athlete who passed away tragically last September. The Celine 'Bulldawg' Wyatt Memorial Tournament will raise funds for a scholarship memorial in her honor.

"We want to make it big," said Becky Wyatt, Celine's Mother. "We want to emphasize the qualities that she possessed when she played. We want to make it for any girl in the state of Ohio can apply"
One hundred percent of the proceeds from this event will go toward the Celine Wyatt Memorial Scholarship Fund. The annual scholarship will be awarded to one senior college bound female softball player as well as a Tri-Valley female college bound student. Athletes should exemplify the hard work ethic and passion that Celine displayed.

"She loved to teach, so education was very important to her," said Tim Wyatt, Celine's Father. "She did very well in school. Softball was her love. We went year round. We practiced we played even when she was playing basketball. She still continually practiced her softball. She had a fierce heart and she was a fierce competitor."

Over 70 sponsors are supporting this event. There will be a Chinese Auction with donations from local businesses and residents. Drawings will begin 5 pm Saturday evening. Some of the prizes include: Jenny Finch autographed items, Cincinnati Reds Tickets, Ohio State themed gift baskets, Radar Oakley sunglasses, movie night gift baskets, rounds of golf, gift cards, Avon products, oil changes, car washes AND MORE!

There will be a baked goods sale with $1 baked goods. Parking is $5 per vehicle. Tournament shirts will also be for purchasing. This will be a huge event so be sure to come out and show your support for Celine and the Wyatt family.

Sponsors who would like to help make the Celine Wyatt Memorial Scholarship successful can make a tax deductible donation payable to the Muskingum County Community Foundation. You can find more information about the tournament and the scholarship at the following link to the MCCF

For information on the tournament visit

10th Annual Suicide Awareness Banquet

The 10th Annual Suicide Awareness Banquet, "Celebrating Ten Years of Hope" took place this evening at Colburn United Methodist Church.

Keynote speakers were Sandra Harstine and Russ Crabtree. Both were instrumental in developing the regions five suicide prevention coalitions.

"I'm going to be talking a little bit about the epidemic of suicide and how serious this is in our country," said Crabtree, Director of 'Best Minds'. "It's kind of an unrecognized problem still in many part of our society."

Ten percent of American adults suffer from depression and more than thirty-eight-thousand people complete suicide each year. Many of the people represented by these statistics were part of a church community. The focus of discussion at this year's banquet was ways churches can address suicide.

"I'm going to be talking specifically about faith communities and what I do with faith communities, I generally spend a day with pastors and leaders and help them look at the myths for example in the Bible, kind of the ideas that people have about what's in the bible about suicide. If you can say the word suicide in a sentence, you can save a life," said Crabtree. The title of his message was "Saving Jonah and Other People of Faith".

There were about 120 attendees. The banquet was hosted by suicide prevention coalitions represented in Coshocton, Gurnsey, Morgan, Muskingum and Perry counties.

View Edit Edit Top Stories North Star Award Presented To Senator Balderson

The Muskingum Valley Council Boy Scouts will be holding the 11th 'Commitment to Excellence' banquet to present the North Star Award.

It is the highest award that can be presented to a former boy scout or cub scout who is not actively scouting. State Senator Troy Balderson will be receiving the honor.

"Troy just came to the top of the list very quickly as someone who is well recognized in the community for the service he's given for years," said Ed Mulholland, Executive Director of the Muskingum Valley Council Boy Scouts. "He's always been supportive throughout his public service of organizations like scouting. He teaches citizenship in the classroom, he's visited many boy scout troop and cub scout pack and done the same thing. He's just been very supportive of scouting and youth in general."

Senator Balderson recognizes that one of the strongest pillars the scouts offer the youth today is leadership. He works diligently in the 20th senate district to give back to the upcoming youth and the community as a whole.

"I've really been heavily reaching out to our schools. I try to go to schools, I serve seven and a half counties," said Senator Balderson. "I try to go to those counties and go to those schools and talk to the youth and express to them the importance of hard work and getting into organizations that will guide them and give them the leadership skills that they need."

The Commitment to Excellence banquet will take place Thursday May 8th at the Zanesville Country Club. Also being recognized at the banquet will be Richard Daily, a scouting volunteer who will receive the 'Whitney M. Young Jr. Award'.

Vehicle Slams Into Home At 3480 Maysville Pike

The Zanesville Post of the Highway Patrol say a residence located at 3480 Maysville Pike suffered substantial damage after a vehicle veered off the road and into the home.

Home owner Nancy Sagle was with her daughter in Lancaster when she received a phone call from her son stating a vehicle had driven into her bedroom.

"My sons were in this room here," said Sagle, "and one was in a recliner, and the other one was standing in front of the door for some reason. And the one that was sitting in the chair said "MOVE!"

The driver, William Thomson of White Cottage, is a friend of Sagle and her family. Her sons initially responded with EMT training. They asked him his name and said he was confused but communicating. Emergency crews used jaws of life to remove him from the vehicle. His airbags did not deploy.

"Something must have happened to his vehicle," stated Sagle. "The gas must have stuck or something. But thank God he hit the house instead of a vehicle head on."

Sagle was surprised to hear the news, seeing as her home is located a good distance from the road. Witnesses say the vehicle missed the fence, drove between a parked truck and a trailer, hit the steps of the front porch, and slammed into the front of the house on the right side, causing damage to the bedroom and living room. Thompson is in the hospital. Sagle and her family state that Thompson has had a history of heart trouble in the past. They are praying for the Thompson family.

Trooper Merryman of the Zanesville Post of the Highway Patrol said the accident appears to have been caused by the medical condition of Thompson. There were only minor injuries reported. The incident is still under investigation

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Crime and Violence Committee Meeting

The Crime and Violence Committee met at City Hall this afternoon to discuss what is being done to make the Zanesville community more safe.

Public Safety Director Fred Buck and Chief of Police Kenneth Miller addressed questions from the committee on the status of shooting and drug investigations. Chief Miller also informed the committee on updates to police equipment and computers.

"This is something I went to council for a month or so ago, just updating the operating systems and our computers," said Chief Miller. "The old ones couldn't handle the new operating system so we had to buy new computers. This just allows us to continue getting leads, information, registration, warrant checks and such."

The total number of arrests city wide has increased by 40% since last year. This year Zanesville has seen 81 drug related arrests between March and April. Chief Miller hopes to use stronger advances to keeping drugs out of our city.

"We do have a nuisance abatement law that has been used on operating businesses and such," stated Miller. " I want to get with the safety director and the law director to see if its available to where we can expand it to address houses and land lords that rent houses to the drug activities in the area."

Chief Miller wants the public to know that it is the help and cooperation from the public that makes the policing of ZPD possible and effective. Effort will be put toward promoting the anonymous tip line which is available to anyone at anytime. That number is 740-455-0712.

Open house for ZPD and the Zanesville Fire Department will be Friday May 16th from 3pm-7pm. There will be stations out front for the community to interact with officers and fire fighters, ask questions, and learn how they're working around the clock to keep the community protected.

Make Sure You Check In Your Carr Center Cakes TODAY!

The Carr Center Cake Auction kicks off Thursday at 8 am. Today bakers and sponsors were busy checking in their decadent cakes and registering. You can check in until 6pm. WHIZ's Miriah Turner stopped by to see which busy bakers would be willing to chat. Find out more tonight on WHIZ News at 6pm.
From 6pm-9pm Wednesday evening is the people's choice awards. Stop on by!
The Carr Center Cake Auction will be broadcast LIVE on AM1240 and also on our website.


Health officials report the Central Ohio Mumps outbreak is persisting. As of Tuesday April 22nd, 263 people have fallen ill to the virus.
Doctor Whitacre, Medical Director of the Zanesville Muskingum County Health Department is cautioning viewers in our area to be aware of what's happening in our surroundings. One of the latest cases has appeared as close as Licking county. Viewers who were born in the 60s 70s and even 80s need to check their medical records.
"The change was right around 1982 in the vaccine. A lot of children did not get both immunizations, some did, some didn't. It's recommended that you get a shot around the age of 15 months and then get a repeat in your kindergarten shots. But it was not required in the 80s that you get that second shot," said Dr. Vicki Whitacre, Medical Director, ZMCHD.
If you are unsure if you've had the disease or the two current immunizations, check your health records. Many states also keep registries as well, but Dr. Whitacre cautions patients that Ohio registries are really only most accurate in the past ten years. Whitacre says the vaccine is a very safe vaccine and it will not hurt patients if they received a vaccination now and also in childhood
"I don't think we're really going to be able to prevent the mumps in our area because of the way people travel," said Dr. Whitacre, "what you can do is protect yourself. If you've had the mumps and know you've had the mumps as a child, like I did, you have as good a protection as you can have and should not need to worry about it."
If you are unsure of your immunity to mumps, see your doctor and get a vaccination for MMR or call the health department and arrange for it to be given to you. Their number is (740) 454-9741

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

One Man In One Small Town

Having moved to the Zanesville area over two month's ago, I've had the chance to meet several people in town as a weekday reporter. I have to say, I was entirely blessed to have met Ron Bucci this afternoon for a story on the upcoming Carr Cake Auction.
'Y-Bridge, Zanesville' Water Color By Mary Ann Bucci

Ron is the kind of man with a special energy about him. It's no wonder he's been helping to raise money and auction cakes at this event for the past twenty seven years. With this year being the 28th Annual Cake Auction, WHIZ recruited me to meet up with him this afternoon to see JUST WHAT makes the event such a success. I left the General Graphics store with a full understanding.

"You drive off the energy, the energy of each other. The bids, the comradery at the mall, you almost have to be there to feel the sense of it and everything," said Bucci. "The most important thing is that 100% of the proceeds stay right here in Muskingum county. It goes to the Carr Center. It goes toward ten wonderful programs that just help and enhance everything."

I've never been to the Carr Cake Auction, but I've seen fun reports in the past by my good colleague Courtney Wheaton. When I asked Bucci what to expect and what will be new this year as opposed to last, he responded, "every year is different in some respect, but it's basically the same. They say if it's not broke don't fix it. It's not broke so we're not gonna fix it," he laughed. "We never set a goal, so no matter what we raise, we're going to be tickled to death with that. We'll take what ever the community gives, and we're going to show them how well we spend their money by putting it into the Carr Center and enhancing the programs that are already there."

Bucci says it takes four elements to make the event a success: bidders, buyers, bakers, and most importantly, sponsors. Along with Stoey, Steve and himself, as well as other announcers, it's important to keep people informed, especially entertained, but Bucci believes there is a special way to raise funds at the event.

"The key to raising money," he folded his hands, "and this is for anybody out there that's trying to raise money. This has been the secret that I've always used and I think it will work for them. If I can touch your heart in any way at all, I can get to your pocket book. And that's what we try to do at the Carr Cake Auction. We try to touch your heart and hope we get to your pocket book. That's the easiest way to extract money, because we've touched their heart in some small special way."

Very clever, I thought. Ron went on to tell me about his family and his relationship with the town. It's very easy to see, within the first five minutes of meeting him I knew, Ron is a people person.

"I'm 70 years old," he said thoughtfully, then began again,"how much longer I can do this I don't know. You know, I'll do it as long as I can, because I love it. I'm passionate about it. Anything I do I get passionate about. I think you have to do that to be somewhat successful and it's the people that make me want to come back. I mean the response," he got animated. "It's like throwing a ball against the wall and it comes right back at you. We put it out there and then the people come right back. I've agitated brothers, sisters, companies, competitors and stuff," he laughed. "It's the spirit of the thing. It's all for a great cause."

In closing Ron shared with me something he and his wife Mary Ann live by; "We get much more back when we give, then what we really have given, because we're helping others" he said.

I left the General Graphics store with a little recording, a small story, and new trinkets...but a huge understanding of life, passion, family, and generosity--all from one man, in one small town.

I guess there is honest truth behind this quote...

"It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen"
-Legendary UCLA Basketball Coach John Wooden

Of course we're expecting big things to happen at this years Carr Center Cake Auction! Remember that tomorrow is cake check in day. The Carr Cake Auction  kicks off this Thursday at 8AM and will be broadcast live on AM1240.


In honor of Earth Day, John M. Hoopingarner, Executive Director and Secretary of the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District, spoke to rotary this afternoon.

Appointed in 1989, he previously served as legal counsel to the conservancy district for 10 years. This morning he spoke about the district, outdoor recreation, as well as new fee cutbacks for private, commercial and industrial property owners.

"As a result of our stewardship of our natural resources, especially our oil and gas resources, the revenue that's been generated from the new leases has enabled us to cut the assessment on properties by fifty percent," said Hoopingarner.

As part of the watershed conservancy, Hoopingarner has also aided in overseeing the system of locks and dams in our region and flood control.

"There are 16 dams and reservoirs control flooding in the Muskingum watershed. Fourteen of those dams and reservoirs are specifically part of the Muskingm Watershed Conservancy District. In partnership of course with the core of engineers, the system has prevented millions and millions of dollars of flood damage in the Muskingum RIver Watershed and especially right here in Zanesville," said Hoopingarner.


'National Prescription Drug Take Back Day' is this Saturday April 26th.
The Muskingum County Sheriffs Department as well as the DEA are working to help clean out medicine cabinets and dispose of prescription drugs properly. Unique to the Zanesville area, the Muskingum County Sheriff's office has partnered with ZMCHD, as well as Genesis Healthcare and Northside Pharmacy and will be offering a drive-thru where ALL DRUGS including needles and liquids are accepted.
"You never have to get out of your car, " said Sheriff Matt Lutz, Muskingum County Sheriff's Department. "You drive up, we have workers that will take the drugs from your window, some people will pop their trunk and we'll get the stuff out of the trunk. Genesis sets up a tent for us, we take it in, separate it, the labels are destroyed, it's really a great process and we have a lot of fun with it".
A convenient South end location is the Riesbecks Pick-n-Save on June Parkway. They are also offering a drug take back, but it is WALK IN to dispose of pill prescriptions ONLY. It is important to dispose of unused prescription drugs properly.
"If your kids get a hold of these prescription pills it could be very harmful to them, to their health," said Sheriff Lutz. "We get a lot of people that are breaking into homes, looking for these left over pills so they can feed their addictions or sell them on the street. We get a lot of theft cases from family members who go to their families, go into the bathroom, look at medicine cabinets and they'll take pills, they'll leave, it's very hard to prove those cases."
The drug take back at the Zanesville Muskingum County Health Department takes place from 10am to 2 pm. Illicit substances will not be accepted. The program is anonymous and personal information will be cut off containers and destroyed.
Drug take back day usually happens twice a year, in the Spring and the Fall. There is a permanent drug take back site at the jail on 4th street. Simply ring the buzzer and hand in your unwanted PILL prescriptions ONLY. NO ILLEGAL DRUGS.
Volunteers are needed for this event. To find out more information or to volunteer you can call 740-454-9741 or visit

Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Great Start To The Week

A Great Start To The Week

MONDAY: Partly sunny. High near 75. Calm wind from the SW.

MONDAY NIGHT: Chance of showers after midnight. Lows in the mid 50s. Calm winds from the SW.

TUESDAY: Showers in the morning, leaving by late morning early afternoon. Highs in the mid 60s.

DISCUSSION: It is currently 53 degrees with mostly clear skies at 12 AM this Monday Morning

Monday looks to be in the mid 70s. Shower chances move in for overnight Monday into Tuesday morning with a passing cold front. A tenth to a quarter of an inch of precipitation possible.

Wednesday is dry and cooler in the mid 50s.

Showers move back in for what looks to be Thursday night, chances on Friday and chances into Saturday.

Winds remain light and variable throughout the week. High temperatures take a dip into the mid 50s Wednesday but stay primarily in the 60s and mid to low 70s this week.

Have a great start to your week.

Last day with Mackenzie Stasko. Good luck in Erie, PA!


Cornerstone Church held their annual Easter performance this weekend.

The Easter celebration "Worthy Is The Lamb" started with a signing and dance. A highlight of this year's performance was the new set and design.

"All the walls are brand new, we put thousands of dollars into the material, the styrofoam, torching and making the grout lines the stone, the rock, the tomb, the upper room scene, everything that you see here on stage is brand new," said Adam Wahl, Worship Pastor at Cornerstone Church. "We have some new songs, some new acting. It's just a brand new play basically."

"Worthy Is The Lamb", depicts the life of Christ, his crucifixion and resurrection. Pastor Wahl says more than one hundred people take part in the production both on and behind the scenes. The event has taken place for over twenty five years.

"You would think that the same people will come," said Wahl, "but every year we find new people still come. And it's great because we can still reach the lost. By meaning of the lost, the people who haven't heard the message of the love of Jesus. And it's just a free acceptance. All you have to do is accept Him into your heart. We just want to let people know that it's available to them. It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from, what you've done, it's free to you."

Pastor Steve Harrop finished the evening with a message and opportunity for attendees to accept Christ. To find out more about Cornerstone Church and their ministries you can visit

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Get Outside For Those Easter Activities

Get Outside For Those Easter Activities

TONIGHT: Becoming Mostly Clear. Cool. Low 39.
SUNDAY: Sunny, High 72. Calm winds.
SUNDAY NIGHT: Partly cloudy. Lows around 45.

DISCUSSION: It is currently 64 degrees and sunny at 6pm Saturday evening.
We had a nice warm day to kick off Easter Weekend.The high today was 65 degrees.
Hope you made outdoor plans with your family and friends this weekend. Tomorrow looks to be great for those egg hunts.
Tonight expect skies clearing and lows in the upper 30s low 40s.
We'll start off sunny tomorrow with partly cloudy skies moving in for the afternoon and evening. Highs will be in the low 70s.
Monday looks to be in the mid 70s. Shower chances move in for overnight Monday into Tuesday morning. A tenth to a quarter of an inch of precipitation possible.
Wednesday is dry, then showers move back in for what looks to be Thursday night, chances on Friday and chances into Saturday.
Winds remain light and variable throughout the week. High temperatures take a dip into the mid 50s Wednesday but stay primarily in the 60s and mid to low 70s this week.

Have a great weekend!

Miriah Turner
Weather Forecaster/ Reporter
Facebook: Miriah Turner

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Registration is now open for the S.T.A.R.S. Summer Camp for young women provided by Muskingum Behavioral Health.
In 2013 the S.T.A.R.S. program was taken over by the Muskingum Behavioral Health Prevention Department. S.T.A.R.S. stands for sensitivity, tolerance, attitude, responsibility and self esteem.
"We're going to put them through a series of workshops while they're there and we're going to be doing everything from sewing, to healthy cooking, to talking about relationships, friendships, even cyber bullying. It's a huge problem that we're trying to figure out how to deal with," said Ronelle Barnett, Muskingum Behavioral Health Prevention Specialist. "We're even going to be talking about public speaking, goal setting, and having that financial independence."
The camp will take place this June 10th through the 12th at Zane Grey Elementary and runs from 8:30AM to 4PM. Any student from Muskingum county or surrounding counties are able to register until May 16th. Each girl will receive the book "The Body Scoop for Girls" by Jennifer Ashton. Public speaker The "Amazing" Tei Street will join the girls through camp.
"It's going to be some place where we want you to feel comfortable. It doesn't matter who your friends are, what you like to do, where you come from. It's a camp where everybody comes in on the same playing field. We want every one to feel accepted. And if they don't that day walking in the door we hope they do by the time they leave, said Barnett.
The camp is accepting up to 100 girls and the cost is $15 per child. Transportation is not provided. You can find more information on the camp or register by calling Muskingum Behavioral Health at 740-454-1266
S.T.A.R.S is funded from local service organizations, businesses, and grants. 


In celebration of Earth Day this April 22nd, AAA and NAPA Auto Parts are gathering and recycling old batteries for the "Great Battery Round Up".

More than a million lead-acid batteries are left in garages, backyards, or dumped illegally each year. From April 20th to the 26th, any motorists who bring their old batteries to participating NAPA Auto Parts or AAA Car Care Plus Centers will receive a free $10 store credit to that location (up to $20 per customer).

"The batteries have acid and lead. You don't want to leave them laying around. It's bad for the environment, yourself, your pets, your kids. So this way, we'll take care of them in a safe way," said Bill Reid, Central Ohio Tire Manager.

When handling old batteries be sure to keep the batteries upright and tightly secure before transporting them. Make sure not to smoke near batteries or expose them to open flames.

"You should wear gloves and don't get them against your clothes cause it will eat your clothes, and at least put them on some paper or something like that if you bring them in here so they don't eat the carpet out of your car," said Reid.

A list of locations participating in the "Great Battery Round Up" can be found at Participating locations in Muskingum county include...

GKM Enterprises 1320 13th St., Dresden
GKM Enterprises 43 Beaumont St., Zanesville
Central Ohio Tires 435 Linden Ave., Zanesville


Local deer hunters are going to see some changes this upcoming deer season beginning in September.
For Muskingum county the bag limit has changed. Last year it was one buck and three does. This year it's changed to one buck and two does.

"ODNR has always tried to maintain the deer population according to past records and check in on deer and stuff like that. They're happy with what they're seeing right now," said Kathy McCann Dillon Falls Store Owner.

These changes are in effect in order to maintain the current number in the herd. The deer population in our area is not depleting, however, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources is content with the current size of the population.

 "Another change will be on the tags," said McCann. "You'll be able to buy three of the either sex tags. There won't be an antler-less tag."

For more information on changes for deer hunting you can visit .  Keep in mind, this Saturday is the start of youth turkey hunting for Spring turkey. Spring turkey season for adults begins Monday.