Wednesday, February 26, 2014


The ZHS Robotics team, 4112A,  took home the State Champion title and they qualified for Worlds at the end of this April in California. However, just for the sake of science and competition, they're making a pitt stop the first week of April in Omaha for Nationals.
When asked how they felt after walking away from their previous competition as State Champs, Corey Gibson replied "it feels great, it's an excellent opportunity, it's been really fun."
Team member Kayla Berry has her eyes set on the goal and already knows the challenges they will face in their future competitions. "We definitely have to ramp up our speed and our ability of our robot in general, we're building a whole new one," said Berry. "So it's definitely going to be a challenge but it will be worth it in the end."
The design of the robot is efficient and fit for competition. "Our robot has been a product of a lot of hard work," said team member Paritosh Kanhe. "We have designed it so that it's fast, and so that it can efficiently and reliably score the buckeyballs into the goal. And we think we have a pretty good robot that can score a lot of points."
"We designed it as a ten bar because in the previous years there was a six bar back in Gateway in 2012 when we first started," team member Matt Burnell mentioned. "This year the rail got even lower, so we though we'd use a ten bar to get back up to the goal height, and its pretty efficient because we can go OVER other robots."
Best of luck to the ZHS Robotics team as they make their way to Nationals and Worlds! 


The Fieldhouse on the East Pike is announcing some changes and additions.
Theo's Catering and Events of Cambridge will be taking over the operations of the Fieldhouse Foundation Events center and aid in fundraising. They believe in the Fieldhouse Foundation's ongoing operation to aid handicapped, disabled, and special needs children.
" We turn no one away," said CEO of the Fieldhouse, Mick Amicone. "All the programming is free for them, the equipment is free for them. So they pay nothing. They just need to bring their special needs to us, and we will help them get back either on their feet, or back to an active lifestyle."
The affordability of the Sunrise Center has led to increasing entrepreneurship in sports health and wellness related businesses, including Active Physical Therapy and the new MVL Wrestling Club and Company.
"We're blessed to have them," said Amicone. "They will be doing day, evening and weekend, private instruction, group instruction, school instruction, for all ages."
For 26 years the non-profit Fieldhouse Foundation has provided a variety of services and therapies to the area. They have recently been named one of the top 100 Multi-purpose Recreational Centers in the country.
Theo's Catering and Events
Phone: 740-432-3878
ACTIVE Physical Therapy
Dr.Carina Siracusa Majzun, DPT
Phone: 614-850-0500
MLV Wrestling Club and Company
Troy's Phone: 740-221-6889


The Zanesville Police Department provided assistance to an outside Law Enforcement Agency in conducting a raid.
Interim Chief Kenneth Miller says around 9:15am this morning, the Zanesville Police Department Special Response team and The Agency arrived at 340 Bailey Street to execute a search warrant in relation to computer sex crimes.
"We were giving them support to make entry into the house, to secure the house and anyone that was inside of it," said Chief Miller, "there were two males detained at the house, once we secured the house our special response team left the area and they conducted the search and also an investigation into the crimes."
The eight officer Special Response Team as well as two uniformed officers with cruisers provided perimeter support.
"Its something we provide any agency, if they're investigating a crime that leads them to Zanesville," stated Chief Miller. "We offer what ever type of support we can. Whether it's additional officers to investigate the crime, or a special response team to help them conduct a raid or search."
Interim Chief Miller of the Zanesville Police Department has reasonable belief that computers were confiscated during the investigation. There were no injuries during the raid.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Lady Luck is on her way to Las Vegas.
The lucky winner of the NBC, WHIZ-TV and Z-92 Morning Rush Vegas Getaway sat down with us this afternoon to share her experience after hearing she had won the grand prize.
" I was actually on my break and i was sitting there listening...patiently. I was shocked at first, all I could do was sit there and smile," said Mindy Swingle of Crooksville. "I went to find my husband, I work for my husband, and I was walking through work and everyone was looking at me, and I was just smiling and he was like did you win? And I said yes I won! And they didn't believe me."
Swingle won free air fare, a two nights stay at Caesars Palace, and two tickets to see Shania Twain at the Colosseum in Vegas. 
"I've never been to Vegas before so, I'm not really sure what I'll do. I just think the sites will be unbelievable. I'll see the sights, the lights, I want to see all the lights. And see Shania of course, excited for that. And hopefully not lose a bunch of money."
Be sure to watch WHIZ and listen to Z92 for the best mix and your chance to win prizes.


A Newton Township fire fighter is rallying the troops for a greater cause.
Tyler Seedon, a six year old Rhode Island boy is battling Leukemia. With his birthday next week, all he has asked for are cards from local heroes.
Lieutenant Chas Cosgrave of the Newton Township Fire Department first learned of Tyler's story from social media.
"I actually had a friend share the story with me on facebook, I just kinda fell in love with this story. Firemen and police are his heroes, and all he wanted for his birthday was cards from policemen and firemen. So I thought we in Muskingum County could maybe do a little better. We can get him some toys, A LOT of cards, and actually take them to him in person, and really show him that we care about him as much as he does us."
Cosgrave is asking for the local heroes and citizens to show their support for Tyler. He will be leaving next week to attend Tyler's birthday party in Rhode Island and deliver gifts.
"The police department is going to swear him in as the police chief for the day, he doesn't know any of this is going on, they're going to give him a ride around town," said Cosgrave. "And talking to the inspector up there with the Rhode Island police, they're also going to have a black hawk coming as well because he loves those kinds of vehicles and stuff, so its going to be a pretty good birthday for him."
If you would like to support Heroes for Tyler, you can make donations at the Muskingum County Sheriffs Office on the East Pike or at the Newton Township Fire Department between 8:30am and 3:30pm.


The Muskingum County Business Incubator held a meeting this afternoon to inform the public of the new tax cuts for small businesses in Ohio. Ohioans who have already begun filing their taxes have noticed positive changes.
"I'm starting to get a lot more comments about, hey what is this 50% thing," Commissioner Joe Testa of the Ohio Department of Taxation. "They're seeing it now, and as the returns are coming in, they're going to see the result of that. The idea is again, is to put the money into THEIR hands so they can grow their businesses. "
State cabinet directors shared information on how Ohio businesses can take advantage of the newest tax cuts, reduce workers' compensation premiums, and increase the money available to grow their businesses.
"The cut that we put in place, into this budget that we're in now, is about 1.6 billion dollars over three years for small business people. That's A LOT," said Testa. "That goes right back into the small businesses so they can expand their businesses, hire more people, and expand in various ways."
For more information on how the new tax cuts will affect you or your business, you can visit the Ohio Department of Taxation at


The head of the Ohio High School Athletic Association spoke to the Zanesville Rotary Club this afternoon. Dr. Ross shared his view on the importance of life lessons learned through participating in high school sports. He emphasized the lessons he personally learned by reflecting back on his experiences with sports.
"I became a much better goal setter," said Ross, "because you sit in the locker room before the season starts and you say, okay, what do we want to do this year. So, i think it teaches you at a very very young age to at least focus that way. You realize that hard work, and dedication and commitment pay off."
The similarities between challenges on the field as well as challenges in the work environment was a central theme in his message. The importance of confronting and learning from those challenges at a young age is something students can learn through sports and extracurricular activities.
"There's very few jobs that I know of where you're going to work by yourself, you're going to be working with other people and the comradery and the chemistry that comes with good team work," Ross stated. "You have a wonderful opportunity to learn as a student athlete."
The Ohio High School Athletic Association works with academics to ensure students ultimately receive a well rounded education.

Monday, February 24, 2014


With the ongoing construction at the new Genesis Hospital, the Gorsuch Fitness Trail is expected to close this Sunday.
The most recent phase of construction on the Genesis-Bethesda campus takes place in the North West corridor, along one of the most active roads on site.
"We are going to try to minimize the changes in circulation, but there will be some, said Al Burns, Chief Development Officer. "We're working with Turner and Igel to make those changes as small as possible and as painless as possible."
With the great amount of activity along the trail and various construction sites ongoing, the inconvenience of shutting down the fitness trail will ultimately serve as peace of mind. 
Burns stated "its the safety of our visitors, safety of the patients, our employees, and the people that walk the trail"  that's most important. "There's going to be a lot of congestion in the front of the campus during this next phase."
The trail is scheduled to re-open near the end of June. It will feature new accessible parking and will be a permanent part of the newly redesigned campus.


The Zanesville Fire Department held a ceremony this afternoon to dedicate the new Pierce Velocity Fire Engine to their service.
Station #2 on Eppley Ave. will house the new apparatus. The department is able to continue their day to day missions and better serve the public through this new addition.
"In addition to the administration and council, its really the citizens of Zanesville that makes this possible," said Fire Chief Kevin Thomas. "They are where our funding comes from and they make it possible for us to have the tools we need to do our jobs, and I'd really like to thank them. "
The new engine is officially in service after the "Washing of the Tires" this afternoon. This act, originally routine for firefighters back in the 1800's, is used on ceremonious accounts today. Back when fire stations used horse drawn apparatuses, they would bring the horse and coach back to the station, un-hitch the horses, and wash the wheels. This served to not only clean dirt and grime, but also preserve the wheels and prevent them from drying out and cracking. Today, the Washing of the Tires Ceremony is used to officially place a new engine in service.
The fire department's hope is that the new engine will serve the Zanesville community for the next twenty five to thirty years.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


With warmer temperatures, melting snow, and the forecast of rain for the weekend, the American Red Cross is warning residents to be prepared for the possibility of flooding. Homes in low lying and flood prone areas need to have an evacuation plan in place. Set a designated area where you and your family can go. Remember to pack a disaster kit with items you may need. 
"Maybe have a three day supply of water, medications, or if you can't have the medications, at least have a list of those," said Martha Staley, Community Disaster Educator with the American Red Cross. "Also bring a flashlight, and a radio with extra batteries."
As a reminder, The American Red Cross advises residents to include an electric bill in their disaster kits. This will serve as proof of residency should your home suffer extensive damage. As always, stay away from flood waters as they can be harmful to you and your family.
"Don't play in water, it could be contaminated. Don't let children play in flood waters, it can carry disease and contamination," said Staley, "so just be careful of the surroundings and where you are."
When flood waters start to rise, it may be too late to begin making a plan. Have that plan in place before an event occurs. And don't forget about your furry family members. Disaster kits for pets are a great idea as well.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Icy conditions in Dresden presented challenges for fire fighters at the scene of a garage fire this evening. Chris Baruning of 5180 Fawn Drive called Falls Township Fire Department after 3 PM to extinguish a fire in his garage.
"We arrived on the scene and had a fully involved two story garage," said Chief Joe Hunt of Falls Township Fire. "Due to water shortages and no fire hydrants in this area we called for tankers from Dresden, Frazeysburg, and Licking Township, established a water supply, extinguished the fire."
Ice on the property hindered the initial tactics to fight the fire. Extensive hoses were required to run water from fire tankers and up the steep driveway.
"The garage at that point was already written off as a loss, so we protected the house until we got additional resources here and then fully attacked the garage," said Chief Hunt.
There were no injuries. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.


WHIZ-TV  and Holiday Vacations have teamed up up for a scenic vacation of America's Southwest.
Host, Brian Wagner of WHIZ-TV will accompany viewers on the flight into Salt Lake City and the following bus trip experience.The relaxing vacation will feature sites and experiences unique to the vast Southwest region
"You've heard of the Grand Canyon," says Jane Milheiser, Tour Director/ Travel Show Presenter, "but a lot of people don't go out the Southwest to see those beautiful red rocks".
The  holiday advantage experience will include a local departure right from Zanesville and the surrounding area. A tour director will remain with the group every step of the way twenty four hours a day.
"I think its very organized," says Milheiser, "it flows very nicely. There's a combination of step on guides with visits to the national parks and also again that educational value that you get by stopping at the Bryce Museum and also visiting the Navajo Indian Cultural Center ".
If you missed today's travel show event, the Baymont inn in Cambridge will be hosting a meeting tomorrow at 10 AM 2 PM and 7 PM.